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About bunny2BEAR


bunny2BEAR was created to help you become a Top Performer and sustain that performance over a long period of time.

We were all meant for a greater purpose.  Now is your time to unleash your full potential and start performing at a higher level so you can start living your ideal life.

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When we think about Top Performance, we usually correlate that with our productivity at work.  Are we hitting quota, what did our annual review look like, did we complete the project on time, did we get the raise or promotion we wanted, etc.?   While being a Top Performer at work is important, you can also be a Top Performing stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur, mechanic, spouse, friend, philanthropist, neighbor, etc.  For instance, you could go to work for 8 hours a day as an average employee, then come home and are a Top Performing parent, meaning you are completely engaged at home and as a result your kids are excelling.  The difference is in the definition of a Top Performer: you are more Passionate about being a parent, so you put in the dedicated Time and elevated Energy required to perform at a high level.  You are completely Focused and Committed to Mastering parenthood.  This may mean that you are reading articles on parenting blogs and in magazines.  You are planning vacations and always participating in your kid’s activities.  You are doing everything required to become a Top Performer and thus, you are reaping what you sow.

You have the power and ingredients inside you to be a person of influence, who serves others and builds an outstanding life for yourself and those you care about.  We all have our own areas of passion where we wish we could perform at a higher level.  bunny2BEAR and Dwight Braswell will help you identify your Direction and increase your effectiveness, so you are performing at your peak.

Jim Rohn (personal development expert) said it best; “in order to get more, you must become more!”  LOVE THAT!! @bunny2BEAR <<– tweet this!  (we call it a BEAR tweet)

So bunny2BEAR was created to help you break down the barriers in your path and go from your current self (uncertainty and in survival mode – characterized as a bunny) to your higher self (filled with conviction and thriving – the BEAR inside that takes charge and drives you to become a Top Performer)!


The bunny2BEAR Story!

bunny - BEAR T table

The BEAR Necessities – The Birth of bunny2BEAR

About a year ago, I was in a coaching session with a gentleman who was performing at or below the line and we knew he was meant for so much more. I asked him to get out a piece of paper and divide it into two columns: bunny and BEAR.

I asked him, “when you come across top performers, what do you hear?”   I instructed him to write down their personality traits and characteristics under the BEAR heading.  He wrote words like Direct, Confident, Passionate, Clarity, and Conviction.

Then I asked (and this was necessary), “when people come across you, or when you listen to yourself, what do you hear?”  Under the bunny heading he wrote words like Indirect, Suggestive, Passive, Fear, and Wavering.

Then I asked him the type of results he was getting and he said “not good enough.”  I asked, “what kind of results do you want to get?”  He said, “I want Top Performer results.”  I simply said, “then the answer is clear, you have to go from bunny2BEAR.”  It clicked with him immediately and bunny2BEAR was born.

This incredibly simple exercise allowed him to identify his opportunities instantly.   For the first time, he saw where he was and where he needed to be to start performing at a higher level.  Today, he is performing well above the line and is happier than ever.

Join the VIB List and be part of the community of BEARS looking to become Top Performers in life and business and sustain that performance over a long period of time.  Together we can grow and conquer anything!  Get on the VIB List now and start your Free Top Performer Training.

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