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Dwight Braswell is the Founder and CEO of Braswell Consulting.  He helps startups create motivation and sales training programs that offer 4 major benefits:

  1. Ramp up new hires faster, thus reducing high attrition rates
  2. Retain and develop top talent while creating a model for reinforcement training
  3. Build a bench ready to take on future leadership positions
  4. Create consistent motivation that leads to increased productivity and revenue

His programs help sales leaders engage reps and reps perform at their best day in and day out.  Dwight’s most popular programs include his:

  • New Hire Training Program
  • Team Lead Program
  • Ongoing Motivation

Dwight is also known for his enthusiastic, BEAR-like motivational morning huddles that produce an immediate spike in sales.   Make sure you bring Dwight in to motivate your team.

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Dwight’s bio:

Dwight grew up in a military family, which gave him the opportunity to travel all over the US and internationally to Germany, Switzerland, England, Australia, Thailand, Mexico, Canada and more.  These experiences help him connect with a wide variety of people, customizing his approach to each business, small group and audience with unique precision.

Dwight has been in sales for over 15 years, starting from the phones and holding positions as Team Lead, Manager, Trainer, Training Manager, Director, Founder, Real Estate Agent and now Consultant.  He has worked in large organizations like MCI to small, fast growing startups like Trulia (Zillow Group).  From inside to outside sales, his specialty is assessing needs, identifying specific business outcomes (KPIs), finding out what the best reps or leaders are doing and creating a system and training to exceed those outcomes.  Most clients focus on 3 primary KPIs, but each situation is unique:

  1. Increasing Productivity
  2. Increasing % of Reps to Plan (thus lowering attrition rates)
  3. Increasing Revenue

His client-focused approach to sales training and consulting allows him to customize his programs to help each sales leader meet their specific business outcomes, so they see a max ROI.

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Interesting facts about Dwight:

  • Dwight spent 7 years in NYC as a professional actor and musician
  • In 2008 he was cast as PFC Steve Evanson in HBO’s mini-series “The Pacific,” produced by Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks.  Watch a clip here.

Dwight - Maritza with Tom Hanks

  • In 2008, Dwight’s band “Mere” appeared on the Olympics Soundtrack with Taylor Swift, Nelly, Queen Latifa, Lady Antebellum and others.  Watch his Olympics music video here.

Dwight with Mere

  • Dwight married his high school sweetheart, Maritza in 2002.

D n M in Thailand

Important facts about his results:

  • At Trulia, he helped build, facilitate and manage the New Hire Training Program that grew the sales organization/machine to over 400 reps with a low attrition rate of ~9%.
  • He was also part of the team that built the successful Team Lead Program that developed Trulia’s top talent, which was an important part of their reinforcement training strategy.  It also created a solid bench for senior leadership to pick from.
  • He managed the training function over 3 offices, with programs reaching over 300% ROI.

Dwight’s award winning facilitation has earned him respect from the rep level up to C-level executives in small to large companies.  His content and program development has been used to drive productivity, conversion rates, new customer acquisition, retention and boosting revenue from the top down.

Dwight now consults with startups, building New Hire, Manager and Team Lead programs to increase % of reps to plan, productivity and revenue.

Schedule a free consultation call with Dwight now.  Simply fill out the form below and someone on the team will reach out within 24 hrs.

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